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bondex customs brokers’ knowledge competition in 2013
publish time:2013/4/23 0:00:00

to celebrate the 20th anniversary of bondex and respond to the call of company, customs brokers office carried out the activity of knowledge competition in the afternoon of april 20th, 2013. we hope we can learn knowledge, communicate and exchange ideas with each other, give full play to the teamwork collaboration ability in the activities, also warm up for the incoming " bondex cup" knowledge contest orgnized by the head office.

the test was divided into typing test and question answering test two parts. the text applied for typing contest is all in english and the score is judged in accordance with speed and accuracy, the frequently appeared punctuation marks and space has added the difficulties to the players. players were divided into three teams and each team were consisted of 8 members, the players with no. 1 of team results and best of two individual results would be representing the branch office to take part in the typing contest finals being held in the head office.

the second phase of the contest was answering questions. there were 5 teams with 8 team members each to attend the game, because almost each team has colleagues from all the post, so all team have gained some points in the 5 required questions. during the quick responses questions section, your points would be deducted if giving a wrong answer, and the question scopes were in wide ranges, it has become a great challenge to the teamwork spirit and knowledge accumulation, but our participation enthusiasm was in prevail, the initiatives were beyond our imagination. for many times several team were ing to be the first to answer a question.

when the last question is answered, it has come to the end of the contest. departments started to award the prize for the winning team, and it the curtains were closed in our happy laughs and cheerful voices.