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" the effective executive" training
publish time:2013/4/18 0:00:00

on april 13th and 14th, 2013, the company has held a training course on “the effective executive” in qingdao haiqing hotel. we have invited famous management training specialist professor canhong xue to conduct the training, over sixty colleagues from different divisions of branch companies have attended the training.

“the effective executive” is aimed at helping administrative staff to perceive their role definitions clearly and realize the role transformation from "business master-hand" to “managing expert”; master good communication skills; making effective communication with superior, co-workers and subordinates, and lead the team to achieve better performance.

professor xue has many years’ working experience as a lecturer and rich actual experience in management, especially he has systematical and original points of view on how to effectively motivate and coach the subordinates. in the class, the students gradually came to know that how middle-level managers can get boss's approval, the support of colleagues and how to motivate subordinates and many other related management knowledge and skills, which includes: "management are focused on facts, not the people", "high-profile on working, low-profile on behavior", "make your opinions to be everyone's opinions", such as unique skills has been widely accepted by students. each teaching unit is equipped with the actual case analysis, simulated in the forms of group discussion, and case analysis which have clearly explained conception and solved many problems in management.

two days of short training finished in the hot discussion and intensive thinking, everyone has many impressive opinions on many insights and cases, they have expressed the determination of making action plans to guide future’s work, trying to transform the training efforts to actions, improve the management ability and trying to become a qualified and competent team leader.