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qingdao customs leadership visited bondex for an investigational study
publish time:2013/4/15 0:00:00

in the morning of april 10th, party committee secretary of qingdao customs, customs director mr. yujian zang and department heads from qingdao customs and excise office, supervision and clearance management bureau, processing trading bureau anddatabranchcentercame to our company for an and visit.it is reported that it was the first time customs general director mr. zang came to visit an international logistic enterprise, and it showed that qingdao customs has paid a high attention to bondex and given bondex great supports.

accompanied by company president mr. tang, customs director mr. zang and the visiting party firstly visited the office area of the company. during the investigation ad research, company president mr. ronald tang has briefly introduced company’s development history and business development situation, and specially emphasized the overall planning scheme to promote customs service transformation and upgrading. mr. zang has listened to the report carefully and raised several questions. he has also urged relevant departments to give sufficient supports. at the same time, relevant department officers in charge have also informed us matters of concerns which related with customs clearance reforms.

in the closing speech addressed by customs director mr. zang on behalf of the qingdao customs, he has pointed out that the work of customs could not do without the supports of customs declaration enterprise. the general administration of customs party committee has put forward the concept of "close cooperation between customs and enterprises", it was to choose the enterprises with standard managements and consciousness of innovations just like bondex to help the customs to promote the implementation of reform measures. he has also asked relevant departments to actively promote advanced management experience of bondex, and to create a good business atmosphere.

company president mr. tang finally said, bondex has had a flourish business in midwest region in recent years, and it was inseparable from so many years’ guidance and supports from qingdao customs, which has enabled us to cultivate good working formalities, and formed a set of effective customs clearance patterns and regulations, it has won the acceptance of local customs all over the country, we were determined tobe worthy of the trust and support of the customs, strive to be a reliable comprehensive distribution provider for the staff, the customer, the shareholder and the society.