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new start, new journey –linyi shopping center internationalization business starts
publish time:2013/3/25 0:00:00

on march 21st-23rd, bondex and east star group have cooperatively organized more than 30 foreign trading agents from 7 counties to linyi city for carrying out a market procurement business.

linyi municipal party secretary mr. shaojun zhang, deputy mayor in charge mr. feng bian and deputy secretary general mr. dong wang and other municipal leaders had a cordial meeting with the visitors.

from march 21st to 23rd, the foreign customers have visited more than 20 professional wholesale markets on-site, they were satisfied with the products, market scale and location advantages of linyi city. they have taken samples and placed orders one after another and the visitors have also expressed the wishes of establishing offices in linyi at an early date.

in early april, linyi port will be officially launched. the customs and commodity inspection related facilities have been on testing stages, bondex has also well prepared for the incoming business. linyi branch office has completed more than 150 tickets of customs clearance deals since the first traveling shopping "0139" customs clearance business started on october 19th, 2012. through the strategy alliance with important local enterprises east star group and lan tian group, we have realized the business transformation and upgrading, we will strive to launch the overall internationalization business oflinyishopping centerat an early date.