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2014 annual work summary meeting and commendation ceremony closed successfully
publish time:2015/3/9 0:00:00

“the horse year in chinese lunar calendar has just passed and the sheep year has arrived together with warm spring.”

on 7th of march, bondex 2014 annual work summary meeting and commendation ceremony were held in shangri-la hotel, the working guideline of the year was confirmed as "taking root of culture, strategy implementation, improving management, strengthening products and optimizing our service".

reviewing the year of 2014, we have made a significant progress. despite of the economic growth was declining inchina, we have withstood many trials and tribulations, achieved a significant business growth, acquired a relatively excellent performance, and our profit growth was upraised to 60% roughly. based on our steadily growing traditional products such as ana cargo agreements based on quantity, nvo and lcl business, we have developed a series of new products. for shipping business, we are designated agent of maersk for northern european shipping routes. for air transport business, we have signed cargo agreements based on pallets from chengdu/chongqing toaustraliawith sichuan airlines, cargo agreements based on pallets fromqingdaowith china cargo airlines. for railway, we have signed block train transport agreement to xinjiang autonomous region withchinarailwaytransportationcenter. we are also the general agent of china-russia railway container transport in north china region, and we are performing well in operations such as e-commerce express betweenchinaandtaiwan. furthermore, hai ling’s supply chain trading service and financial supply chain logistics have made the company's business scope more extensive and diversified. at the same time, we have made new progress in new fields together with our client including sinopec and cnooc from the fields such as semiconductor electronics industry, automotive spare parts industry, petroleum equipment industry as well as the logistics services in world horticulture exposition.

we have tried some of the new business, made new breakthroughs in new domains, tested new business models, and accomplished a number of influential customers and projects; it represented our service level and competitiveness in the industry. bondex has created benefits for the company and expanded the company’s brand influence in the meantime.

in 2014, we have defined the company's mission, vision and values.

company'smission: in order to make the supply chain more efficient, and the global business more easily.

company's vision: becoming the most trusted provider of integrated logistics services.

company’s values: customers first, cooperation to mutual benefits, honesty and integrity, reliable teamwork, innovation and creativity and value achievements

company's development orientation in 2015: set the starting point on customers’ demands, through the management platform and interactive activities with various suppliers, integrating resources and providing customers with integrated logistics solutions. products and customers are the two wings of the company's development; the company wants to form a complementary and coincided situation between our products and our customers.

future development demands that we should have a clear understanding about our current environment. our national economic reforms has come into the deep water area, macroeconomic has entered a new normality. “state-owned enterprises withdraw and private-owned enterprises move forward" indicates that it will be a promising era for the private economies. as the state has introduced policies to support and stimulate private economies as well as the going down energy prices, the logistics industry will win a new growth space, but the phenomenon of "growth slowdown, accelerated adjustments and obvious differentiation" will still be the main tone of the logistics industry.

22 years has passed, bondex is in his vibrant adolescence, we are confident that through upgrading ourselves, adapt to the environment, we are on our way to new development. only in the case of risk controlling, we can have the real freedom. the company will enforce the standardized management continuously, as it is related to the sustainable development to the enterprise and individuals. in 2015, the company put " taking root of culture " into the company's annual working guidelines, this is a landmark move, everyone should carry out the established mission, vision and values, we must resolutely resist to the behavior does not meet the company's culture and style.

facing to the future, we shall maintain a clear understanding; we shall not be complacent, stagnant and avoid the problems. we shall strengthen the supporting functions from the integrative function center, optimize the sales team, and improve the professional competence of sales staff, offering more resources and policies to the reputable teams and individuals who are willing to become bigger and stronger. each operations center must complete its existing business, provide good service to existing customers, and should actively nurture and build new products, realize a positive interaction between core products with major clients, because the nurture and formation of new products is another development engine of the company’s future development.

in the new year, everyone must change the way of thinking, recognizing the company's ongoing transformation, adapting to the new environment and enhance learning as soon as possible; managers shall improve your professional competence and management skills continuously, have the courage to undertake, we should be more concerned about our staffs’ development, offering more growth and undertaking opportunities to the staffs; being an earnest man, and working in a thoroughgoing manner, bit by bit, let’s start from each of us. let’s make our operations becoming more standardized, let’s make our service become more meticulous, let’s spread positive energy together, with less complexity and more simpleness.

the year of 2015, it will be a critical year for the economic transformation and upgrading and reforming in china, for us, it is not just a new starting point, it will also become an important milestone in our company's history. "a thousand miles begins with the very first step" strategic planning portray us with a beautiful blueprint, we shall uphold the new working guidelines, with a little progress every day, we can make it.

a thousands rivers gathering to the sea, set sailing when the wind is strong” in the new year, let us work together to create a brilliant future.