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"selective taxation" policy implemented in export processing zone
publish time:2015/4/1 0:00:00

"selective taxation" is the customs duty charged to the commodities, which are produced by the processing enterprises located in the special bonded zone, sold to the domestic market. the tax will be calculated based on the imported raw materials instead of finished product prices. this is a remarkable breakthrough, and it is a special regional policy which the customs of export processing zones has copied from shanghai free trade zone.

since the end of january 2015, as the first pilot declaration enterprise in qingdao port, our company has completed more than 20 bills of customs declarations for andreas stihl powertools company ltd. and we have reduced the product tax to 50%. in this manner, we can integrate the resources, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and provide assistance to enhance the enterprises’ competitiveness in the market; it has become a powerful magic weapon to expand the domestic market when the international market is in its low tide.

operational procedure of "selective taxation" is: enterprises provide the breakdown of materials and parts for pre-recording --- pre-recorded list declarations (the first two operation steps should be completed by declaration recording offices, currently can be wholly completed by our company) --- after the list verification, pre-record the import customs declaration forms --- declaration forms go through the expert channel --- pay the duties and levies after verification--- exit form customs --- then fill in the export customs declaration forms