a special report of bondex djibouti office participated in the evacuation of chinese citizens in yemen bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

a special report of bondex djibouti office participated in the evacuation of chinese citizens in yemen
publish time:2015/4/3 0:00:00

due to the sharp deteriorations of the situation inyemencivil war, lives and property safety of chinese citizens inyemenaffects hundreds of millions of chinese people's hearts.

staffs from bondexdjiboutioffice received instructions to assist cnbm (china national building material international co., ltd)djiboutistaffs for helping the evacuation of the cnbm personnel fromyemenat theportofdjiboution march 27, 2015. at that time, it was coinciding with tense moments of unloading and transshipment indjiboutiport, steel rails for ethiopia railway bureau national railways project constructed by china railway erju group corporation were urgently needed to be transported to different construction sites. however, after receiving the instruction, our oversea project department immediately deployed employees to contact with chinese embassy indjiboutiand china counselor’s office for the updates. we were informed that china escort fleet in the gulf of aden would arrive at aden port in yemen for the evacuation mission on march 29 local time. the first batch of a total of 124 evacuees, including 15 chinese embassy personnel in yemen, 3 individual businessmen, 106 cnbm employees (including two cnbm consultants, one romanian nationality and one egyptian nationality) would arrive at djibouti port at 10:00 inthe evening of 29 march, 2015 local time by vessel lin yi from china escort fleet in the gulf of aden. cnbm evacuees would go to ethiopian capitaladdis ababaand then fly back tobeijing. after confirming the information, our office staff cooperated actively with cnbm personnel indjibouti; we bought food and drinking water, and checked the returning air tickets information for the evacuees.

at 8:00 inthe evening of 29 march, 2015djiboutilocal time, our staffs formdjiboutioffice went to djibouti national stadium to verify the booking information and check the rooms for the evacuees together with employees form cnbm djibouti office. after all the preparatory work is confirmed, at 9:30 we went todjiboutiportand lined up to wait for the arrival of the ship together with personnel from chinese embassy, chinese economic counselor’s office, representatives from chinese company. around 10:00 inthe evening, vessel lin yi reacheddjiboutiportsuccessfully; the first batch of evacuees debarked the ship and proceeded to the buses waiting aside in an orderly manner. after about 1 hour, the evacuation from the port was completed. our staff assisted in applying thedjiboutilanding visas for the evacuees from cnbm at the port office, while we sent the two consultants (foreigners) to the hotel outside the harbor.

according to the original plan, on march 30, 2015 djibouti local time, 35 cnbm evacuees left djibouti at 11 o'clock on ethiopian airlines, and 69 other personnel departed on another ethiopian flight at 19:00. so far, we have accomplished the assistance in evacuation mission for cnbm yemen office successfully.

conclusion: in the era of globalization, many chinese people will be "going out" throughout the world more and more. but the current world is still far from peaceful, some countries and regions are still frequent in wars, and security risk comes one after another. we are honored to participate inyemenevacuation mission indjibouti. we believe in our memories, we will always remember the moment when we saw the chinese warship "linyi "arrived at theportofdjibouti. with pride and touch beyond words, we are convinced that wherever we are, our motherland will always be our strong backer!