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bondex 2015 management seminar was held smoothly
publish time:2015/9/22 0:00:00

september 20th, it was a beautiful and brilliant autumn day.
in the warm breeze, bondex 2015 management seminar was held in qingdao successfully. president ronald tang made a keynote speech on company’s business of the first half year, and he stressed that the company’s goal of the second half year still were: focusing on implementation, promoting management efficiency, and seeking for new development.

in the first half year of 2015, under the circumstance that the external economic environment has no obvious improvement, the company’s business indicators have improved mostly and has shown a good momentum of development, especially in domestic logistics and air freight business. at the same time, the business of the branch offices has also increased in varying degrees. furthermore, the company has launched the personnel training project "three eagles programs", the school opening ceremony was held on september 19th. the first elite class with 42 students have participated in the training and study with full of enthusiasm and high morale. the launch of "three eagles programs" meant a good start for the company's talent echelon training.

the first half year’s result was encouraging, for the second half year, the company will go on with the excellent momentum. president ronald tang emphasized that the company should keep a passion for innovation and make progress continuously with pioneering paces on the basis of the existing business.
in order to allow employees to have a better understanding to the company's strategic plan and development path, ronald tang has explained the company’s developing plan for the next stage, he has also made it clear that the company's culture construction should be put on the agenda, which including personnel training, system improving, innovative spirit, passion maintaining and service awareness etc, he made everyone understand the true meaning of what was “focusing on implementation”, what was “promoting management efficiency’ , and how to “seeking for new development” practically.

in the featured speech after ronald tang’s address, everyone presented the meeting has expressed the a feeling of better understanding, more confidence and more motive power to the implementation of company’s corporate strategy.

speaking of services, several colleagues who spoke in the featured talks have shown how to provide services in their routine work, how to find a win-win point under different company culture and concept with customers and clients, how to find a suitable survival way in the fierce competition, how to go out and do the marketing and sales etc. these speakers mentioned repeatedly the words of “professional” and “meticulous”. actually, service meant more empathy, more initiative services; make the service to be detailed and meticulous, which is more than the imagination of your customers, thereafter the service would eventually become our products--an indispensable, even an irreplaceable product.

in the harvest day of autumn, the management seminars made a more in-depth experience to all our colleagues to have a better realization into the company's strategic intention, a better understanding to implementation measures of the company's developing strategy, which will contribute more faithful and innovative attitudes to our new round of work.