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bondex has obtained the "advanced certification enterprise certificate"
publish time:2016/1/4 0:00:00

in december 2015, bondex (customs registration no. 3702983940) passed the examination of "advanced certification enterprise" of qingdao customs and formally obtained the certificate of advanced certification enterprise.
in february 2010, since bondex acquired the predecessor of the advanced certification enterprise - class aa declaration enterprise, with the support of the competent customs, bondex successfully expanded its declaration business to the central and western regions and, in the course of undertaking the coastal industrial transfer in the mainland, , samsung, boe and other heavyweight companies to establish a deep relationship of cooperation, a strong engine for the development of the company.
in december 2014, the newly promulgated "measures for the administration of credit of customs enterprises" came into force. bondex adjusted the customs management structure according to the "new measures" and given more responsibilities to the customs functions. through the means of informationization, bondex implemented the customs clearance regulation, the implementation of "one-vote veto in administrative penalty cases" and so on.
the high-level certification company audit, different from the previous unilateral certification, but involving the chinese customs and the world's major economies customs aeo mutual recognition mechanism, both the quality of gold content, or the severity of the audit are far higher than in the past. our chief customs - qingdao dagang customs has set up a "micro-group of enterprise certification counseling and regular communication mechanism" to help enterprises successfully pass the audit. it not only opens up a new mode for customs service enterprise certification, but also establishes a communication platform for the enterprises to be certified , here need to praise for them!
bondex this time received "certificate of advanced certification", coincides with the december 28 general administration of customs on the declaration of enterprises, "a place to register, the national declaration," the reform policy landed, so as to give this heavy certificate has far-reaching significance. under the current normal economic conditions, the customs declaration industry should seriously consider how to seize the strategic opportunities of customs clearance integration and create a new customs clearance circle, and the certificate of advanced certification enterprises should become the "passport" for entering the new ecological circle. (customs center)