high-tech zone enterprises export business knowledge and skills training
publish time:2016/12/10 0:00:00
december 9, organized by the economic and trade bureau of qingdao high-tech zone, bondex marine department of the import department of foreign trade and enterprises hosted by the ministry of foreign trade export business knowledge and skills training will be held on the 5th floor of venture building (no. 1 intellectual island road, high-tech zone) more than thirty enterprises attended the training. in the strong support of various departments, the meeting went to the division i general manager zhai ming, china tie tienda linsen, deputy general manager of qingdao, zhang changqing, general manager of bonded logistics to the high-tech zones to do business on the customs, rail transport, bonded special supervision area and other business training. other participants include the export processing zone, hetao street, the head of the commerce department of hongdao street and the logistics manager of foreign trade enterprises and the relevant responsible persons of hongdao economic zone.
at the beginning of the meeting, director wang of the administration made a brief introduction to the significance of this training exchange. he pointed out: with the current "belt and road" thinking put forward by the current state, china's cooperation with other regions in the world has been strengthened. at the same time, with the advent of the "internet plus" new economy, the logistics industry is rapidly growing. with this opportunity, logistics is closely linked with us. each of us should understand the relevant knowledge of the logistics industry.
in the warm applause of all, zhai ming elaborated on the significance and merits of customs clearance integration and aeo certification. lin sen elaborated on the development of railway transport business under the national strategy of "belt and road" from the introduction of railway trains and routes. zhang changqing, from the special zone introduction of policy advantages, to show us the important role of bonded logistics park in the modern logistics industry. in your explanation of big coffee, lively atmosphere, business participants have come up with a phone to take pictures of our ppt file.
through this training exchange meeting, we successfully narrowed the distance between us and the enterprises, enhanced our reputation in high-tech zones and laid a solid foundation for better business exchanges in the future.\