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intensively cultivate and develop - the 2016 annual work summary and commendation ceremony has come to a successful conclusion
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march 5, 2017, haida banda 2016 annual work summary and commendation ceremony concluded successfully.
at the meeting, tang hai, president made last year's work summary and future work plan, and further elaborated on "intensive cultivation, development and growth", we must take the time to work hard, keep improving, hammering ingenuity, the courage to fight , dare to accept the challenge, with a more open horizons added to the overall development of the enterprise.

qingdao in early march, when the warmth is still cold. shangri-la's event hall, the big lcd screen is playing a loop of eagles and flying eagles, eagle's calm, eagle's enthusiasm, reflected in the video most vividly. assembly sign two-dimensional code stands on the screen on both sides of the panel, we all crowded together, have pulled out a mobile phone code scanning sign, and some can receive a red envelope yet. as the times have advanced and the science and technology have developed rapidly, we are getting involved in our lives in an increasingly intelligent and efficient manner.

seating code neat, i saw in the early morning the staff pulled the ruler hotel for all the seats are placed in a straight line, really for their serious praise. in the report, tang always put forward such proposals as "regionalization management", "overseas development layout", "financial overall budget management", "employee growth", "products" and " ingenuity "and so on the key information, in fact, each one with everyone related, i found that many colleagues have carefully recorded in the phone. i think any colleague will find their own concerns, from business to thinking, from personal growth to career planning, under the company's strategic guidance, as long as willing to work hard, willing to work seriously, there will always be a chance. the so-called "intensive, pioneering and growth", nothing more than do it practical step by step, and strive to study new knowledge, to find their own growth opportunities.

this year's award adds a bole award, especially creative. talent recruitment, to attract talent, all illustrate a healthy and orderly development of a company. there are lovers, and then there are thousands of miles. maxima often, and bole is not often. personally, i feel that the establishment of this award shows that the company is desperate for talent and the demand for talent is urgent. ah, there is a special touching award is the "president special award", when more than 20 years of occupation liu mei a dignified standing on the stage, tang total solemnly give her awards, do not know if you have tears full of feeling? i think anyone who can insist on excellence is worthy of respect.

spring is coming, but also a good season of intensive cultivation. let us promote the spirit of craftsmen, enhance professional ability, improve efficiency, pull up their sleeves, leaned over, take good care of dry! brighter, even if the storm.