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year of the monkey, while tossing! - 2015 annual work summary and commendation ceremony was successfully held
publish time:2016/3/7 0:00:00

on the 5th, hai cheng banda 2015 annual work summary and commendation ceremony in qingdao university concert hall slowly opened.

the conference focused on the company's achievements in 2015, pointed out the problems in the company's development and deployed the company's work focus for the new year, and commended all the colleagues, departments and project teams for their excellent performance. in 2015, under the guideline of "cultural roots, strategy implementation, management improvement, product enhancement, optimization of services", all of our colleagues worked hard to blaze new trails and achieved good results. some colleagues maintained their entrepreneurial mentality and dare to fight with daring spells and blazed a new trail. some colleagues kept a wolf spirit and were acutely aware of new customers and new business opportunities. they persevered in their efforts to increase new business. some colleagues also emphasized system construction , personnel training, enhance the overall organizational capacity.

achievements belong to the past, and strive to achieve the future. in 2016, it will be the year when china's economy will continue to bottom out. the macroeconomy will continue to deepen the reform and adjust its structure in the context of supply-side reform, capacity-building and inventory-removing. against such a backdrop, with this opportunity and challenge coexisting in 2016, we will take the first step in our mid-three-year development toward the established strategic direction and implement the product strategy and capital strategy: we will strengthen our focus on customer needs business upgrade, build strong products, develop new business, consolidate the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the healthy development of the next round of the company.

2015 is the first year the company started its five-year strategic plan. in terms of overall operational data and internal management, the group has basically completed its stated strategic objectives and made a good start toward taking a solid step toward our five-year strategic plan, which laid a solid foundation for our work in 2016. a good foundation.

in 2016, don always emphasizes sword, wolf and struggle in the face of opportunities and challenges. we adhere to the struggle-oriented, each employee is a part of the company, have the fear of challenge, the courage to meet the challenges of the sword; to maintain the sensitivity to market changes and hunger; to promote the spirit of struggle, because the only struggle, to be successful. everyone must constantly adjust their stance while running to make the company run more robustly and effectively.

finally, wang made a concluding speech on the conference. wang zong fully affirmed that all our colleagues under the banner of general assembly tang are united and persevering in pursuing unity and perseverance, setting a good record and emphasizing that it is imperative to carry forward the principle of " long way to go "spirit. he hoped that in the new year, everyone could calm down, down-to-earth, maintain entrepreneurship and the spirit of the wolf, continue to struggle; conscientiously do their jobs, and actively support the company's change.

in 2016, let us work together according to the guideline of "pioneering growth and intensive cultivation", and strive to achieve "72 persistence through hard training" in order to achieve an unlimited record. we hope to realize our dream of bangda as soon as possible!

year of the monkey, fighting!