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bondex logistics "air import and export business knowledge" training
publish time:2014/4/28 0:00:00

from april 23 to 24, 2014, after two days of taking advantage of the noon break time, at the invitation of bondex logistics, qingdao air transport department conducted a special training for bondex logistics colleagues at the airport office on "air freight import and export business knowledge" the training was delivered by ding yan, wang xiaoting, wang wei and sun wei from qingdao air transport department. the staff of bondex logistics domestic transportation department and supervised car operation department participated in this training.

air transport experts from the import and export of air transport business knowledge, operational processes, special cases and other business for everyone to explain in detail, including the requirements of the export of goods and matters needing attention, the weight of customs clearance, import of goods points dialing flow and other content to explain, to help you solve a lot of previous work in doubt.

logistics colleagues said such a course is very useful, both to learn the knowledge of air operations, but also optimize the workflow. bangda logistics and qingdao air transport department in close cooperation in business, the training so that we have the opportunity to face each other in the face of the business docking and special issues, conducted a more detailed communication and discussion, effectively promoted the inter-departmental cooperation. after the training, bondex logistics expressed sincere thanks to the strong support from qingdao air transport department.