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world park sweden museum, "expensive guest" behind the arctic ice story
publish time:2014/4/16 0:00:00

on the morning of april 8, a series of special "exhibits" were ushered into the qingdao horticultural park. they were not flowers, trees or buildings, but the first batch of 55 tons far transported from the arctic town of kiruna ice cubes, all of which are "building materials" of the "ice bar" underground at the swedish pavilion in the horticultural world. according to the staff of horticultural society of sweden who introduced to reporters, more than a month ago, staff members went to northern europe and collected nearly 100 tons of pure ice cubes in the arctic town of kiruna.

however, many people do not know that it is not easy for these "vips" who come from afar to visit. as early as february 8, as a sole logistics supplier of qingdao horticultural exposition 2014, chengdao banda undertook the customs clearance and transportation business after the arrival of arctic ice from the swedish pavilion to hong kong. in order to meet these guests from afar, project colleagues did not mind much.

the first problem encountered was to find a suitable storage facility for the arctic ice. the warehouse needed to meet two requirements: the special nature of the arctic ice required that it be clean, odorless and at a temperature of -8 ° c to -10 ° c in addition, since arctic ice storage and use (horticultural sweden pavilion) are not together, and the need to be divided into multiple transport later, it must ensure that the warehouse location is not too far away from the exhibition area, or transportation costs and shipping time are hard to control. with these requests, colleagues began to search for warehouses. although there are not many refrigerated warehouses in the urban area of qingdao, there are not many ice storage needs in the arctic. however, such large warehouses are generally located in suburbs of qingdao, the journey is also a big problem. therefore, the search has become very difficult, we have to find a lot of warehouses are difficult to meet the requirements of customers from the time of arrival of goods closer and closer, the customer also impatient, and they even proposed to rent a freezer to store ice cubes, but this cost is too high! while appeasing our customers, we are still actively looking for warehouses. hard work pays off! finally, when almost everyone desperate to give up, the appropriate warehouse appeared, smell, cleanliness, temperature are in line with customer requirements, let us feel happy is that the warehouse from the exhibition hall location only an hour's drive, greatly reduce the transportation costs. arctic ice "home" finally settles!

however, this is just the beginning of the ticket. in accordance with the normal procedures, the cargo was supposed to be pulled into the exhibition hall for inspection. however, in view of the particularity of the goods, inspection directly to the exhibition hall may melt the ice because of overheating. customs declaration colleagues in advance conducted consultations with the customs, the goods can be stored in an exception to wait for inspection.

arctic ice is an indispensable material for exhibitors to build exhibition halls. customers require the goods to be delivered the first time. this requires us to ensure that the clearance of goods after their arrival in hong kong is completed as soon as possible. the staff in charge of this project found the goods arrived in hong kong early on march 31, and they prepared all the clearance information in advance and got the relevant information to seal the organizing committee. well check the time, at the same time, logistics department colleagues are also ready for vehicles. everything is ready, only due to the arctic ice to hong kong.

on april 4, after nearly two months' shipping by sea, the cargo finally arrived in qingdao port. due to the preparation for the preliminary work, we quickly got the goods. two o'clock in the afternoon and three containers of arctic ice on time to the unloading warehouse.

in the cooperation of professional forklift workers, the goods were unloaded quickly and colleagues carefully label the goods "shipping date" to save time for re-shipping. also at this time, the exhibitors received the call from the organizing committee: "the horticultural world will start trial operation. during daytime, the park is not allowed to enter the vehicle. therefore, our transportation can only be closed in the afternoon and the visitors leave time to proceed. "upon hearing this news, project team colleagues the first time to contact the fleet to ensure that the goods can be shipped out on time.

on april 8, the first batch of arctic ice was served on the exhibition hall of the world park in sweden on time, and the arctic ice bar with a total area of over 60 square meters will become a highlight of qingdao world park and there will also be our bangda a contribution of manpower. this is the story behind the arctic ice.