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bondex won the 2013 qingdao economic achievement award the most influential enterprises
publish time:2014/4/11 0:00:00

at 14:30 on april 10, 2014, qingdao municipal federation of enterprises, qingdao entrepreneurs association, qingdao publishing group, qingdao radio and television jointly organized by the qingdao municipal federation of business performance evaluation and promotion committee, qingdao financial daily , hosted by the large-scale activity department of qingdao tv station, and grand prize presentation ceremony of 2013 qingdao annual economic achievement award exclusively supported by maotai hanjiang sauce.

since 2008, in order to showcase the highlights of qingdao's economy and the prominent figures in the economic community and its innovative corporate style and to promote the development of the local economy, the government organized the selection of the qingdao annual economic achievement award. the contest aims to appraise the most influential events, businesses and personalities in the economic circles and industries in qingdao this year.

three years ago, bondex won the 2010 qingdao annual economic achievement award with its designated logistics service provider at expo 2010 shanghai. three years later, with the exclusive supplier of logistics services to qingdao world horticultural exposition, bondex became the 2013 qingdao economic achievement award influential enterprise.

on the awards ceremony, mr. gao zhongji, the vice president, took over the trophy and medal of "2013 qingdao's most influential enterprise of the year", expressing his excitement. he said: "being able to become the most influential enterprise in 2013 qingdao economic achievement award, it is not only a precious honor, but also the best manifestation of realizing a company's "china dream." for many years, we have been paying attention to the annual economic achievement award in qingdao. there are many of our friends here and we also hope to be able to join everyone grow together. "

take root in qingdao, bondex to create a regional development of innovative ideas for the future; look global, the company to open up the territory of the attitude layout of the domestic and foreign markets. twenty years of successful growth of the road, the company became the leader in the industry, behind the honor is inseparable from twenty years of pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit of solid support. in 2014, the company will, as always, strive towards the enterprise development goal of "being an integrated logistics service provider trusted by employees, customers, shareholders and the society"!