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lotus hill mountaineering coincidence general secretary
publish time:2012/12/14 0:00:00

in order to add some fun to the busy work and ease the tense working atmosphere, on december 8, 2012, all employees of e-fortune were led by the company leaders and held mountaineering competition in lotus hill. in the "friendship first, competition second" principle, we divided into four groups to race, a whistle, intense mountaineering competition began! after twenty minutes of efforts to climb, we all successfully reached the top of the lotus. although the climbing time is short, the process of helping one another and uniting one's heart during each one is unforgettable.

even more memorable is that in front of the statue of deng xiaoping at the summit, unexpectedly encountered the cpc central committee general secretary, chairman of the central military commission - xi jinping. after president xi presented a flower basket to the statue of deng xiaoping, he walked slowly to the crowd to wave to everyone. kind smile and friendly conversation, infected with each of us, many people's eyes are a little moist.

later, we learned that the practice of "traveling without a seal up and not engaging in a ceremony" made many people in shenzhen deeply encouraged. new fashion, so that the general public really feel the "spring" atmosphere. we are also convinced that in this atmosphere, our work and life will be even better!