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bondex became the official partner of guo chuan global sailing
publish time:2012/11/16 0:00:00

on november 12, 2012, bondex international logistics co., ltd. officially announced that it will sponsor captain guo chuan as sole official partner for a continuous global record-breaking voyage. as an official partner, bondex international logistics co., ltd. will provide professional logistics support and guarantee for the preparatory work for this voyage. on the 18th of this month, guo chuan will drive a 40-foot gondola "qingdao" starting from his hometown of qingdao to start a 130-day global limit cruise. guo chuan will use the bondex logo printed sail, and will be carrying the banner of the sea cheng bangda donated to complete this global feat.

mr. tang hai, president of bondex, said: "when guo chuan returned to qingdao successfully on his return journey to qingdao, bonaventure guo captained the twentieth anniversary of captain bond, and the courage and perseverance of challenging the world record highly conformed to the spirit of enterprise we have always advocated we hope that by sponsoring and supporting guo chuan 's feat of uninterrupted global navigation, we encourage our staff to bravely challenge hardships and hard work to inspire us to constantly explore new and innovative morale. at the same time, i also wish captain guo chuan this successful challenge.

for bondex to join the sponsor team, captain guo chuan said: "a huge long-range global navigation challenge can not be achieved without the effective docking with all sectors of society. it is with the full support of a number of enterprises like bondex, devote yourself to world voyages and challenge world records, so 'bondex' is also bondex for me! "

in less than a week, guo chuan, who is about to sail, will cross the pacific ocean heading towards horn, bypassing the cape of good hope, crossing the indian ocean and finally returning to qingdao. in this total of 21,600 nautical miles, guo chuan will encounter numerous unknown challenges including currents, reefs, icebergs, and even pirates and whales. in addition to coping with various hardships and dangers at sea, guo chuan has to face the spirit loneliness and extreme simplicity of life, far from the land, alone, a small space, lack of food, in more than four months to withstand the test of extreme harsh living.

sir robin, alan macarthur and francis chow are all well known in the history of world navigation for having created a world record of single world voyages. but before guo chuan, the world has never had a sailor trying to drive a 40-foot class such a small sailing for a single non-stop global navigation. so if this challenge succeeds, guo chuan will create a new world record, which will also be the world record for a sailing world-wide cruise created by the chinese.