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linyi mall international --- linyi first single "travel shopping (0139)" model smooth customs clearance
publish time:2012/10/29 0:00:00

october 19, 2012 for the historic day of linyi shopping mall's internationalization, the first batch of goods using the "travel shopping (0139) clearance model" was successfully cleared by linyi branch at linyi customs under the mode of "multiple customs clearance and port inspection and release" , started the first shot of the internationalization of linyi mall.on october 12, 2012, the general administration of customs formally approved the "customs clearance method for export commodities in linyi shopping mall". since february 2012, lin shaojun party secretary zhang shaojun has sent a message to vice premier wang qishan linyi mall reported the internationalization of the work, which is linyi mall exports to declare the new trade model exports the first vote, marking the internationalization of linyi mall has taken a major step forward.

this time to "travel shopping (0139)" trade goods declared from the linyi customs: indian merchants in linyi hardware city procurement of steel nails, cement nails and other linyi hardware production, before the purchase must be sent through the domestic logistics yiwu, ningbo, guangzhou and other places to re-export abroad, and now from linyi directly according to "travel shopping (0139)" declaration, not only saved more than 3000 yuan of domestic logistics costs, but also save more than 3 days working days cost; from a large number of merchants in middle east, africa and south africa, such as karachi, nepal, tunisia, durban and buenos aires, learned of the new policies of linyi customs and have settled in linyi shopping mall to register their "partnership" and the former customers doing business in yiwu it is also a pre-emptive move, the first to enter the major professional wholesale market, so "south of yiwu, north of linyi," the initial clues, pinxiang exports linyi no need to divert duty.

our company from the group chairman and president to the general manager of linyi branch since 2011 has been concerned about the internationalization of linyi mall and actively participate in many visits to yiwu, study, research, is now equipped with a professional business team , can provide customers with translation, customs clearance, inspection, single, classification, booking, import and export agents, registration, visas, consulting and other full range of services; since the implementation of the new policy a week has successfully declared a dozen votes.