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passion has you with me - 2012 bondex games
publish time:2012/11/14 0:00:00

on the morning of november 10, bondex "bonhams have you with me" 2012 was grandly held at the gymnasium of qingdao university. colorful flags waving and drumming trembled on the playground, full of youthful joy.

the eight teams, composed of employees from qingdao and shandong branches, cheered and lined up into the middle of the arena with the rhythm of the clang song clang and the applause of the audience. mr. tang hai, the president of the company, delivered the speech for the conference on behalf of the company leaders. afterwards, chairman wang xiping announced the official start of the games.

the purpose of this games is to enrich the spare time of employees, enhance the communication among employees, relieve the pressure of work, realize the combination of work and rest, and enhance team cohesion. a total of more than 500 employees involved in the games, the competition will be tug of war, skipping, relay race, three four-legged 12 projects such as competition.

after the start of the game, whether you are fighting for personal projects or team work together, each team members have demonstrated their best competitive state.

at one o'clock in the afternoon, the one-day sports meet came to a successful conclusion. the leaders and related personnel attended the closing ceremony. mr. gao zhongji, vice president and chief judge of the company, read the results of the competition and the air transport team won the first place of the competition with a score of 62. the center team and the declaration team were divided into second and third respectively by a slight gap of 53 points and 51 points.

although the games ended, but the company hopes that all employees will be demonstrated at this games, unity and hard work positive and positive spirit of the state of collectiveism brought to work and life in the future to unite as one of the company's various undertakings work hard on a new level.