gather together bondex full of mid-九游会棋牌

gather together bondex full of mid-autumn festival
publish time:2012/9/29 0:00:00

in the mid-autumn festival, in order to let the employees from different places feel the warmth of home, the company organized a warm little party, hope to bring more joy to everyone's life.

on behalf of the company's leaders, mr. tang issued a mid-autumn festival blessing to everyone. mr. tang’s humorous words and cordial greetings also made young employees feel more warm and warm. the other leaders of the company also sent blessings in turn, and everyone sat together like friends, more like family. the laughter and laughter keeps on, the wine and food are shared, and the strong mid-autumn festival friendship condenses the moment.

happy to gather bangda, full of mid-autumn festival. may every bonda be happy and happy on this beautiful day!