zhengzhou branch successfully completed its first chartered flight business bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

zhengzhou branch successfully completed its first chartered flight business
publish time:2012/9/26 0:00:00

in mid-september, zhengzhou branch received the entrustment of hundreds of tons of air cargo from customers, requiring prompt, accurate and safe delivery to the destination. after receiving this task, zhengzhou branch combined with the current situation, made a detailed plan for the customer designed a number of sets of transport solutions, and ultimately finalized with the customer by air chartered transport mode.

after the program was selected, colleagues in zhengzhou held communication and coordination meetings of various departments on many occasions to confirm the person in charge of each link and their main responsibilities, confirm the abnormalities handling plan, and made careful emergency measures. other departments were also arranged for weekends support charter business.

with the support and assistance of all relevant personnel, colleagues of zhengzhou air export department worked for dozens of hours continuously. finally, at 14:25 on september 16, 2012, the first international charter flight of our zhengzhou company took off smoothly. it carries all the staff's hard work and perseverance, but also marks the zhengzhou company's air cargo business to a higher level. the project team members co-ordinated with the successful completion of the charter mission, showing a sincere unity, together, pioneering and innovative style of the state of banda.