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intentional strengths - bondex 2012 stress management training
publish time:2012/8/15 0:00:00

on the morning of august 11, 2012, the power of heart --bondex2012 emotional stress management training was held in the company's 18th floor conference room. forty colleagues from ministry of finance, transportation management center, information department, shipping department, air transport department, qingdao branch and customs brokerage department attended the training.

the training invited to the new audio acer enterprise management consulting co., ltd. chief lecturer zhang xingkun teacher speaker. teacher zhang started with two interactive games and imported poker cards as a course. in nearly two and a half hours, he led an impressive journey of experience.

experiential training such as swimming, learning a bike, because the experience gained from active participation in the first-hand experience, it is easier to get recognition, more acceptable, so timeless. we experienced the power of the heuristic experience training and the group's ability to reflect on the activities we experience. after the training was over, many colleagues said that the training was innovative and impressive. it has many enlightenment on the generation and regulation of emotional stress and more understanding and care for family, friends and colleagues in future work and life.