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qingdao customs implemented a pilot paperless customs clearance
publish time:2012/8/2 0:00:00

according to the unified arrangement of the general administration of customs, qingdao customs intends to start the pilot paperless pilot reform on august 1, 2012, including:

1. on the basis of the original paperless declaration of export shipping, the beneficiary will be expanded from class a or above of business units to class b or above; the online paperless agreement will be changed to an online contract (our company has already signed the contract, ); from post-payment to declare at the same time to upload the accompanying documents in pdf format, do not have to pay a single post; declaration enterprises and business units with both aa class and customs documents temporarily stored pilot enterprise qualification, do not upload the accompanying documents such as our customers with aa class and documents temporary qualifications, you can not upload the attached documents); special supervision area and the air is temporarily not in the pilot site, the import of goods, special trade and delete a single cargo is not in the pilot range; proposed branches with the relevant conditions to actively cooperate with the local customs pilot work.

2, the implementation of the pilot electronic power of attorney, changed to the declaration of the association to buy paper power of attorney, instead of buying electronic power of attorney, the implementation of the online commission (see the specific attachment). however, the customs office said that the online commissioned pilot will steadily advance under the condition of ensuring smooth customs clearance.

3, the pilot deadline for the period from august 1 to the end of october for the transitional period, the two models can be parallel, then the timely adjustment as the case may be, but in view of the general administration of customs to promote customs clearance paperless efforts and determination, so by the end of october, that is, around the 18th congress, the possibility of a comprehensive promotion is very large.

in addition, as of 17:00 on july 30, cancel the verification of foreign exchange issues, qingdao customs has not yet received a higher notice, but the customs said the relevant documents and system upgrades should be completed in the early hours of the 31st, qingdao customs control clearance relevant plans have been formulated to prepare for any eventuality.