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bondex won the title of "national advanced unit of logistics industry"
publish time:2011/12/19 0:00:00

on december 18, 2011, the ministry of human resources and social security and china federation of logistics and purchasing held a commendation ceremony for advanced collectives, model workers and advanced workers in the national logistics industry in the great hall of the people in beijing. our company won the title of "advanced collective of national logistics industry" and attended the ceremony. national leading representatives of the logistics industry, model workers and advanced workers, provincial and municipal logistics departments, logistics industry associations, human resources and social security, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of civil affairs, sasac and other departments of the responsible comrades total of 600 others attended the meeting. gu xiulian, vice chairman of the 10th npc, yang zhiming, deputy minister of human resources and social security, shao ning, deputy director of the state council sasac, and he liming, chairman of the china federation of logistics and purchasing, attended the meeting.

in july this year, with the approval of the central government, in recognition of advanced nature, setting an example, promoting righteousness and stimulating the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the employees in the logistics industry across the country, the ministry of human resources and social security and the china federation of logistics and purchasing held an advanced collective of the national logistics industry , model workers and advanced workers selection activities. the leading group selected by provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government selected 50 leading units of "advanced collective of china's logistic industry" by the leading group meeting recommended by the advanced collectives, model workers and advanced workers of the logistics industry in accordance with the selection conditions and rules, , granted 239 comrades from the nationwide logistics enterprises the honorary title of "model worker in national logistics industry" and awarded 58 comrades from the department in charge of logistics industry at all levels and the association of logistics industry in the honorary title of "advanced worker of national logistics industry".

our company was established in 1993, the network throughout the country more than 70 ports and inland cities in maritime transport, air transport, customs clearance services, exhibition transport, project and project logistics, bonded logistics, warehousing management, logistics and distribution, logistics value-added services, capital flows service, trade collaboration platform (tcs) and supply chain management and other fields as a leader.

2010 shanghai world expo, bondex became the designated logistics service provider, adhering to the "dedicated service, the success of the expo logistics entrusted to" the purpose of participating in the expo, dedication expo, was awarded the world expo star enterprise.

bondex took the opportunity to set up branch offices in chongqing and chengdu in time to support the development and construction of the western region and give full play to its own advantages to serve the world's largest electronics foundry and win unanimous endorsement and high praise from customers.

in response to the country's "going global" development strategy and the realization of premier wen's commitment to establishing a logistics center in africa by 2012, the company, as one of the shareholders of china's yiwu (tanzania) economic and trade cooperation zone, has participated in the establishment of economic and trade cooperation in darfur district project.

since its inception, bondex has been actively involved in social welfare activities. in 2003, bondex became a founding member of qingdao charity federation. in 2007, bondex established the charity foundation of bangda, and at ocean university of china, shandong institute of foreign trade and the 17th high school set up bangda scholarship. after the "512 wenchuan earthquake" in 2008, earthquake-resistant materials were purchased for the first time and donated to the construction of "banda complex building" of huang xu school in deyang. therefore, won the "most beloved charity donation enterprise" title.

bondex has always stressed the need to maintain a high degree of flexibility and competitiveness, service awareness and price system also maintained higher requirements in the integration of resources at the same time, identify the positioning, so that enterprises toward more ambitious goals, and ultimately become worth all the customers , shareholders, employees and social trustworthy integrated logistics service providers.