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ningbo branch promotion
publish time:2011/11/30 0:00:00

zhejiang ningbo port is composed of beilun port area, zhenhai port area, ningbo port area and daxie port area. it is a multi-functional and comprehensive modernized large-tonnage deepwater port integrating river ports, estuarine ports and seaports.

bondex ningbo station was established in june 2011, import and export business have been gradually started, including sea fcl, lcl, air cargo and imports, and with colleagues and shipping companies have maintained good relations of cooperation and business dealings. up to now, ningbo branch has successfully cooperated to assist some of the brothers to arrange the smooth dispatch of goods, including beijing engineering logistics, taian branch, weifang branch, qingdao branch, xi'an branch and shanghai branch.

ningbo station currently arranges a professional customer service staff yu lan as a window, she has a wealth of operational experience in shipping and air operations, tailor-made for customers optimal logistics solutions.

ningbo station although young, but full of vitality and vitality, is in constant growth and development. no matter the size of the goods, the distance from pointless, the time goes without saying that customers, both old and new, we will make every effort to dedicate professional logistics services!

please colleagues to help promote and support!

ningbo station contact: yu lan

tel: 0574-87751911, mobile: 13566009764

fax: 0574-87029695