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2011 air transport beach fun games
publish time:2011/11/17 0:00:00

what else in this world can be more fun and exciting than a group of happy young people playing games together? on november 13, 2011, there was such a group of happy young people on the beach of qingdao no.1 bathing beach. their presence caused the cold of november in qingdao. they were singing and smiling at yingying sea and romantic beach.

"to force life, i announced the 2011bondex air transport fun games now!", accompanied by air transport manager su jingwen passionate and energetic commentary, this special games opened his prelude.

speaking of "special" is really worthy of the name, let us first focus on the four participating teams, first listen to their names, you will have a different kind of feeling. "buzi team", "a plan", "shenma", "little tigers" really bizarre, each has its advantages.

take a look at their dress "buns team", a good group of chefs ah, wearing an apron, with a chef hat, actually holding a rolling pin in his hand, children's shoes, you are to participate in the cooking competition.

our "plan a" is not weak, mask masks, striped t-shirts, post-modern wind scraping strong.

"little tigers" friends are the youngest players oh, with a red scarf, wearing a red scarf, take a closer look with the captain of the armband, we are bound to youth and innocence in the end!

most particularly impressive is the "magic of god", boys collectively play angry birds, girls are collective qingqing interpretation of cute version of ala lei, really awesome ah.

the opening ceremony began, the original this is the biggest surprise, the four teams neatly lined up, followed by admission, such a special four teams, even the way the admission is so different. "do not take buns improper dry food" is the buns team slogan, singing "two tigers" admission to the little tigers also be outdone, as well as funny "god crouching," cool "a plan."

a playboy, the game started! "double hold the ball to run", "threesome", "step on the balloon" are simple games, but these groups of young friends spoof, our game was caught in melee, or a fierce melee, our players have disregarded the referee, our referee has forgotten his job. we have only one principle, happy!

however, competitions or competitions will eventually have the result. with the hard work of the referee and the help of general assembly president gao, we finally figured out the rankings, the recipients began, what did not hesitate, and the spiritual consolation award. although the prizes are not very heavy, but the combination of everyone's happiness.

this wonderful afternoon, i believe will stay in everyone's memory for a long time. this is the cute bondex people. they are industrious, intelligent and energetic! they are cute, sincere, love to create!