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happy experience flying passion
publish time:2011/9/15 0:00:00

from august 19 to august 21, 2011, the company organized the expansion training activities with the theme of "happy experience feeling of passion" in the famous yangkou scenic area of laoshan. 56 colleagues from all departments and branches of the company participated in this training. during the period of one and a half days, we all experienced the passion and happiness brought by the expansion project such as tower of babel, 60 seconds in a swift pace, back drop in confidence, air bridge break, desert nuggets, deer central plains and survival wall.

aerial project - air break bridge is a section of more than 8 meters off the bridge. students need to jump from one end of the bridge to the other and back. a series of complex mood condensed under a simple action. the moment of jerk, the mind is tumbling too much ... ... many successfully completed the project participants said that the surface of high-altitude projects looks very difficult, in fact, did not imagine so terrible. the coach tells us: "the more you hesitate, the more you fear, but you win the chance of success for yourself if you overcome psychological obstacles and brave struggles." psychological obstacles are the most difficult to overcome if we want to become strong, we must first challenge our own sense of fear. when we fight for a stroke and bravely take a small step, we may be able to seize the opportunity of ourselves and make a big leap forward in our lives.

success depends on persisting in the end, never giving up, creating a miracle often in a flash. "survival of the wall," everyone is a good team, there is no group boundaries, there is no boundaries between men and women, is not an independent individual, but an impregnable team, we really feel that "the team can create a miracle ". from this group project, we have seen sincerity, saw simplicity, saw the touching scene of the concerted efforts, dedication and never-ending goal of reaching the goal, and felt the shock brought by our dear colleagues. take the wall, a layer of not enough two layers ... ... the first one went up, the second one up ...; go up first, go back immediately after the companion one by one to pull up, pull back ... ... when zhang yu-ming and wu jiong two colleagues use the inverted gold hook of the difficult moves over the survival of the wall at the moment, the breath paused, followed by a fanatical cheering: "we win the" this is the vitality of the team to fully play is human nature natural requirements. in the journey of life, only in the face of adversity can we stimulate the potential energy, and make full use of those excellent potentials in life and surpass ourselves.

from "ice breaking" to eliminate strangers, to "break the bridge" beyond the self; from the "cultural introduction" team building, "team bridge" work together, each project focus although different, but will bring everyone a deep thought and inspired, so that everyone knows the team project is not a person's intelligence, physical strength and ability to be a very good project. its most important feature is a team effort, one's success can not represent the success of the entire team, only the unity of each team, help each other in order to jointly accomplish the team's goal.

in the training activities, we worked closely with each other and successfully completed each training project with a brave, confident and cooperative team spirit. the enthusiasm of staff participating in the training was on the upsurge and the scene was warm. this development has cultivated everyone's sense of responsibility, promoted mutual understanding and enhanced staff's sense of unity and cooperation and collective honor.

there is a feeling called trust; there is an experience called temper. that passionate scenes will turn into a period of good memories. this moment will be remembered in you and me.