get together at the bondex -九游会棋牌

get together at the bondex - bondex 2011 first-year newcomer training facility
publish time:2011/7/29 0:00:00

july 20-21, 2011, bondex 2011, the first phase of new staff training held in the company. more than 30 new colleagues from ministry of shipping, air transport, business, bonded logistics, overseas, finance, human resources, enterprise, customs, bondex logistics and binzhou attended the training.

the company's new employee training mainly includes three parts: cultural systems, business knowledge and site visits. mainly on the cultural system of the company's development history, organizational structure, corporate culture, rules and regulations, workplace etiquette and other communication and exchange; business knowledge include: maritime transport, air transport, customs clearance, office procedures and equipment applications and legal risk prevention and other knowledge. the training also arranged for new staff to visit hong kong station and bonded logistics park to visit the site and learn about the knowledge of containers and bonded logistics.

during the training, new employees listened attentively, actively participated in and made speeches enthusiastically. all of them gave full play to their imagination, outlined their dreams and talked about the future. the training ended successfully in everyone's joy and excitement of blue imagination. the new colleagues returned with full harvest to their respective posts and started a new chapter in their career.

the training has been the ministry of shipping, air transport, customs brokerage, bonded logistics department, information department, operations management department, hong kong station and other departments of the strong support, here to express my heartfelt thanks to the department! at the same time, i would like to express my sincere gratitude to the internal lecturers for the training. they are: hui hui from ministry of maritime transport, ma chao from air transport department, song ping from customs brokerage department, zhang changqing from bonded logistics department, liu peng from information department, wancheng railway station wancheng, thank them hard work and wonderful explanation!

i wish everyone at bondex: happy work, happy life!