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bondex won the "2010 qingdao development model enterprise"
publish time:2011/5/11 0:00:00

on the afternoon of march 23, 2011, "2010 qingdao economic achievement award ceremony" jointly sponsored by the qingdao federation of enterprises, the qingdao entrepreneurs association, the qingdao financial daily and the qingdao tv station was held in qingdao tv station. the contest aims to promote the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurs and economists in qingdao and showcase the outstanding achievements made by qingdao's economic circles and industries during the transition and restructuring in 2010.

our company won the prize of "2010 qingdao development model enterprise" in this event. the award ceremony was: "2010 shanghai world expo designated logistics service providers, to prove the strength of china's logistics enterprises and efficient service."

mr. gao zhongji, vice president of the company, said at the presentation ceremony: "we will rely on the experience of expo sponsors and logistics suppliers in response to the strategic deployment of the country going out and will establish economic and trade cooperation zones in africa for international cooperation among chinese logistics companies in international cooperation increase core competitiveness and work hard. "

this award is recognition and encouragement of bondex by the government, the media and all walks of life. the award won more confidence in the sea "bangda" sustainable development "confidence. the company will continue to implement the development goal of "establishing an advanced international logistics enterprise" and keep moving forward in the future development path and repay the society with better achievements!