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the 12th bondex cup football league ended successfully
publish time:2011/7/26 0:00:00

on the afternoon of july 23, 2011, the 12th "bondex cup" soccer league, which lasted five weeks, came to an end.

mr. gao zhongji, vice president of the group, attended and presided over the closing ceremony and presented the trophy and prize money to the winning teams.

the tournament consists of four awards, namely the champion, runner-up, golden boot and spirit of civilization award. the ultimate logistics team relies on their own excellent strength once again defending champion. air transport team to be outdone, with 27 goals in four games won the runner-up results, the main wang xin even more personal 17 goals score easily won the golden boot award this year. other teams such as customs brokers, shipping and united team players also strive to show their style.

the last race, the logistics team was empty, the scene by the sea team against the united, customs team against the air team, in the 51 stadium on the fierce competition.

they are swaying youthful sweat, fighting for the victory of the players, they are holding the scene against the hot sun wind shouting cheer squad, thick green shade, the stadium all the figure is the most beautiful this summer, a landscape!

ignite the passion and let the dream fly!

with you, with me, with him, let us meet the next "bondex cup" football game!

looking forward to wonderful reproduction!