the first batch of cross-九游会棋牌

the first batch of cross-border e-commerce export stocking mode in qingdao bonded port area was successfully cleared.
publish time:2018/5/28 0:00:00
since may of this year, haicheng bunda group, qingdao xinyida supply chain co., ltd. (e-commerce) and qingdao bangda jitong international logistics co., ltd. (qingdao bonded port area e-commerce logistics enterprise) have cross-border electricity in korea according to customer products. the reality of strong sales of commercial channels, and based on the favorable conditions of qingdao-incheon with fast passenger and freight liners, actively expand the new logistics channel for cross-border e-commerce bonded stock exchange.
with the strong support of huangdao customs, the special cross-border e-commerce bonded stocking library filed by bangda jitong successfully passed the customs inspection and passed the cross-border e-commerce special account book.
on may 25th, the first batch of 90 single air purifiers were successfully cleared into the district and stored in the e-commerce dedicated warehouse. the warehouse's tally personnel quickly sorted the goods according to the korean c-end customer order and completed the posting of the korean noodle. the corresponding orders, lists, and “three orders” of the waybills are quickly uploaded to the customs cross-border e-commerce customs clearance platform, waiting for the physical release. after the cargo was released on may 26, the goods will be on the "new golden bridge" and will arrive in south korea the next day.

it is reported that qingdao cross-border e-commerce bonded import stocking, import direct purchase, export direct purchase mode have been operating, the xinyida export stocking mode test will successfully fill the remaining gaps in qingdao cross-border e-commerce. the new export stocking mode can effectively solve the problem of tax rebate for export orders “fragmented”. in the era of the rise of international e-commerce c-end users, this new model will provide a new logistics channel for local export enterprises without having to bypass zhengzhou. cities such as ningbo and hangzhou have created opportunities for corner crossings for qingdao's cross-border e-commerce exports.