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qingdao airport's first fruit import business was a complete success
publish time:2018/1/10 0:00:00

at 1:20 pm on january 9, 2018, 1400kg new zealand cherries imported and operated by haicheng bangda international logistics co., ltd. successfully arrived at qingdao airport. this is the largest batch of fruit imported from the designated port of qingdao airport since it was approved in december. the successful operation of this ticket marks the successful operation of qingdao airport's entry fruit port.

as the largest logistics agent in qingdao airport, haicheng bangda international logistics co., ltd. actively promotes the market and makes policy announcements to fruit traders. many local guests have expressed their willingness to try to import fruits from shanghai and guangzhou. import testing from qingdao port. since last year, qingdao airport has opened a number of intercontinental direct routes such as australia, canada and the united states, which have provided favorable conditions for the development of the imported fruit industry. with the perfect route network of qingdao airport, haicheng bunda will play a joint role of the designated port of qingdao airport, and will further strengthen contact with customers, enrich the structure of imported goods, and bring fresh fruits such as prawn and jewel crabs from all over the world. imported fresh products such as salmon to create a one-stop supply chain service for customers.

in view of the short storage time of imported fruits and the tight deadlines for customs clearance, haicheng bangda has specially designed import operation schemes for fresh customers such as fruits. after customs clearance, the site will be directly raised to reduce loading and unloading short-distance transportation. time, to achieve "zero stagnation, help qingdao airport customs opened the "fruit green channel". the airport inspection and quarantine also carried out the safety check on the goods for the first time, completed all quarantine inspection within 1 hour to ensure the freshness of imported fruits it also ensures the quality and safety of food.

this week, haicheng bangda successfully operated the import business of cherries in new zealand and australia. from foreign transportation, import agents, customs declaration and inspection to domestic distribution, it satisfied the demand of fruit suppliers for timeliness. this favorable policy of qingdao airport provides a convenient logistics route for the island people to eat imported fruits directly from abroad. here, i would like to thank the airport customs, the airport entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, qingdao airport and other relevant departments for their trust and support to haicheng bangda qingdao air transport!