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bondex 2019 annual conference was successfully concluded
publish time:2019/2/18 0:00:00

on february 16, 2019, the bondex annual conference opened in qingdao. the theme of this annual meeting is "forge ahead with the changes,move forward without fear". the group leaders and the employee representatives from all regions gathered together to review 2018 and look forward to 2019.

the chairman of the group pointed out in the bondex annual work report that supply chain has become a key element of competition in today’s world at the level of enterprises, industries, and even countries. china’s economy is facing industrial upgrading and industrial transfer, which puts forward a higher request. taking this as an opportunity and centering on the theme of the conference, bondex will continue to build a one-stop basic logistics platform for ocean transport, domestic logistics, air transport, railway transport , customs affairs and warehouse, and in terms of the depth logistics, we continue to explore customers and their upstream and downstream needs, and provide personalized and professional logistics solutions. in addition, the company will establish a logistics channel in the pacific rim region in 2019. the above measures will help the group achieve its business growth target of 25% in 2019.

we believe that the country is a steady support for all the enterprises to go international, on the other hand, the development of the enterprises is closely related to the prosperity of the country. in order to show the deep patriotism, the employees wrote, directed, and acted by themselves a short film "i love you, china" ,when the participants saw it, everyone were  inflected deeply.

in the coming year, bondex will adhere to the values of“undertaking, sharing and co-growth”, promote the values of customer orientation, honesty and integrity, team trust, pioneering innovation and working tirelessly, in this situation, we are preparing to be a leading supply chain logistics service provider in china.