congratulations: xi'an bondex won the title of "excellent cooperation agency" of samsung bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

congratulations: xi'an bondex won the title of "excellent cooperation agency" of samsung
publish time:2019/9/29 0:00:00

on september 26, 2019,xi'an bondex stood out from more than 30 cooperative agencies in the annual evaluation of samsung and won the "cooperative society" honorary title. this honor is not only a recognition and affirmation for xi'an bondex, but also an incentive.

in 2012, xi'an bondex was born with the establishment of samsung (china) semiconductor co., ltd. xi'an bondex always commits to provide the customers with the most professional and comprehensive services. they response the needs of their customers quickly and improve their professional levels of customs declaration, classification, warehousing and transportation constantly, for all business, they start from small things, pay close attention to the details and strive to be perfect for every shipment.

in recent years, xi'an bondex has been highly recognized by many customers with its continuously refined service. in january 2019, the company won the bid for the samsung be material warehouse project, then xi'an bondex quickly responded and formed a team in short time, they completed the training and business handover successfully, and cooperated with the loading and unloading business of other cooperatives to ensure the process of each piece of goods in and out of the warehouse. in the past six months, xi'an bondex has completed the transfer of all be material warehouse business in strict accordance with customer requirements, achieving the goal of zero damage, zero errors, and zero complaints in daily operations.

we think the honor of "excellent cooperative society" is the best incentive for xi'an bondex. every employee of bondex regards hard-working as their due work status, they will shoulder the responsibility and move on.