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bondex hefei branch sponsors lujiang flood relief
publish time:2020/8/21 0:00:00

in the summer of 2020, lujiang county in anhui province suffered continuous heavy rainfall, causing the water levels of many rivers to soar rose. lujiang county suffered the most serious flood in history! facing the severe flood fighting situation, the army, firefighting, public security, and all forces including the civilian rescue team all took part in competing against the flood,at the end, people established a line of defense to protect lujiang.

bondex has always been creating a leading supply chain logistics service in china,  practicing the corporate mission of "make your supply chain more valuable", actively assuming social responsibility, and contributing its own strength to the promotion of industry progress and social prosperity. when we heard of this news, bondex hefei branch paid attention to the flood fighting dynamics in lujiang county. the weather was hot, the company learned that due to high temperature exposure, the solders and volunteers on the front line suffered serious sunburns and dehydrated bodies, a series of health conditions, in this situation,they need a series of sun protection clothes and salty soda. the hefei branch immediately prepared for many kinds of flood fighting materials, and donated a batch of sunscreen clothing and salty soda at first. many colleagues even gave up the rest time and participated in the donation activities. "floods are ruthless, humans are sentimental, one side is in trouble, all parties will support, and china can beat the flood successfully"!

2020 is a little extraordinary, although there are many difficulties, the hope is in our heart. there are so many lovely people who are always protecting the lives and property of the masses in china and they are even willing to contribute their own strength, we trust we can minimize the various losses.

facing the natural disasters, we can’t be soldiers on the front line, but we are willing to be the supporters,to contribute our strength and wish the world peace and safe sincerely!