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bondex became the designated transportation service provider of the 3rd ciie
publish time:2020/6/10 0:00:00

congratulations:bondex was successfully selected as the designated transportation service provider for "3rd china international import expo(ciie)" in may,2020.

bondex is a member of fiata and iata international transport association, a member of iela international exhibition transport association, and an aeo advanced certification company. it is also the official logistics provider of shanghai world expo, previous canton fairs, and asean expos. besides, bondex always serves industry benchmarking exhibitions, sports events and performances. bondex perseveres in focusing on customer needs and provides one-stop supply chain logistics solutions. our professional teams and rich experiences make the exhibitions, competitions and performances much easier.

since the first ciie was held in 2018, the ciie has become a key exhibition in china. bondex will provide ciie exhibitors with full exhibition logistics services from foreign warehouses to ciie booths, retention and return as usual when the third ciie is held at the national exhibition and convention center (shanghai) on november 5 this year.

the bondex exhibition logistics team, which has accumulated more than 20 years of exhibition logistics experience and experienced the baptism of the world expo, the olympic games, and the canton fair, will provide each customer with refined and professional services at airports, terminals, warehouses, exhibition halls, and even online. our online service team will be online 24 hours a day to provide real-time consultation, optimal route and logistics plan for exhibitors all over the world. moreover, we will also provide joint service solutions for the canton fair & china international import expo, overseas exhibitions & china international import expo. we will meet the individual needs of customers, and make customers feel at ease, comfortable and assured, which is our goal of serving the ciie.

it is reported that this ciie has also set up a public health and epidemic prevention exhibition area, an energy saving and environmental protection area and a smart travel exhibition area. this is also a highlight which is different from previous sessions. in the last ciie, a total of 181 countries, regions and international organizations participated, more than 3,800 companies took part in the business exhibition, there are more than 500,000 domestic and foreign professional visitors in the exhibition, and the exhibition area reached 366,000 square meters. under this circumstances, bondex's successful bid for this ciie will be an opportunity to inject new vitality into the exhibition logistics industry.