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our first export detection kits was successfully completed
publish time:2020/8/28 0:00:00

on august 28, thanks to the efforts of the bondex zhengzhou team, a batch of 2019-ncov test kits successfully set off from zhengzhou international airport to chicago, usa. this is the largest batch of pharmaceutical exports from xinzheng international airport in recent years, this successful operation indicates that zhengzhou, as an important air transportation hub in central china, has the ability to handle the import and export of large quantities of kits and vaccines, it also shows the bondex air transportation team has a complete operation process for the export of such products.

the 2019-ncov epidemic continues to raging around the world, and the demand for kits in various countries remains high. at the same time, china's vaccine research and development is also entering a countdown state. following the anti-epidemic materials such as masks and protective clothing, the kits and vaccines are the important anti-epidemic exports products in next stage. however,medical products have stricter requirements on the transportation environment during transportation which is different from masks and protective clothing.   in order to ensure the smooth export of related products, zhengzhou air transport team drilled again and again. finally, on august 28, with the strong supports of zhengzhou xinzheng international airport and customs, the first batch of 28.73 cubic test kits was successfully exported by air.

it is believed that with the approval of zhengzhou airport's drug import port qualifications and the successful development of vaccines this year, bondex air transport team will face more challenges. in the future, we will do more carefully and continue to provide customers with more quality services with a professional and rigorous attitude.