arrived as scheduled, the italian and swiss boutique arrive directly to hainan in 11 hours—the maiden voyage of the china-九游会棋牌

arrived as scheduled, the italian and swiss boutique arrive directly to hainan in 11 hours—the maiden voyage of the china-europe fashion express milan-haikou international cargo route succeeded
publish time:2021/6/8 16:14:09

on june 7, the china-europe fashion express platform jointly created by bondex and various partners successfully opened the first international freight charter flight route to hainan.

during the first consumer expo on may 9, following the launch of the china-europe fashion express platform and the launch of the italian milan-haikou international cargo route, after careful preparation, carried by china southern airlines cz8054 international cargo charter flight at 16:00 on june 7, duty-free goods on the test route of cdfg, including italian and swiss cosmetics, clothing, luggage and other fashion products arrived at haikou meilan international airport. the route and shortened the direct flight to hainan to less than 11 hours, allowing hainan consumers to get the wonderful experience of “walking with the world and keeping pace with fashion”, thus ending the history of no direct flights between hainan and the swiss/italian industrial clusters, which are the most important producer of fashion consumer goods in europe.

in the past, international fashion consumer goods such as cosmetics, household goods and high-end boutiques in the italian-swiss economic circle could only enter the hainan free trade port through by sea transport and international air transit, which took 7-60 days. with the launch of the “china-europe fashion express”—the direct cargo charter flight route from milan, italy to haikou, the high-end boutique manufacturers in lombardy region of italy can have their products collected from the factory and transported to the airport, and sell on the shelves of the duty-free malls in hainan in two days.

the relevant officials of the hainan provincial department of transportation, the hainan provincial department of commerce, and the haikou municipal government, as well as the relevant persons in charge of the haikou comprehensive free trade zone, china southern airlines logistics co., ltd., haikou meilan international airport and bondex witnessed the successful maiden voyage of the direct flight from milan, italy to haikou, china.

bondex, as the leading domestic a-share main board listed providers of international supply chain services, has taken the construction of the hainan free trade port as an important strategy of the company, and vigorously integrated global resources and one-stop intelligent supply chain logistics services to help the development of the hainan airlines hub. based on the successful operation of more than 20 global cargo charter flights, the successful maiden flight of the milan-haikou regular route has made bondex the first company to operate international cargo charter flights at haikou and sanya airports simultaneously, contributing to hainan free trade port’s goal of “buying from the world and selling to the world”.

a relevant person from the hainan provincial department of commerce stated that 2021 will be the 10th year of the implementation of hainan’s offshore duty-free policy. over the past 10 years, 122 million duty-free items have been sold in the offshore duty-free market of hainan, with sales of 94.8 billion yuan. with the geometric growth of hainan’s offshore duty-free market, in the past year, the duty-free business entities in hainan have increased from one to five, and the number of offshore duty-free shops has increased to 9. thus, higher requirements were raised for the timeliness of the transportation of duty-free goods into hainan. bondex’s successful entry into the international shipping of hainan’s offshore duty-free consumer goods will help hainan to accelerate the construction of a new paradigm with domestic circulation as the mainstay and domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other.