the groundbreaking ceremony of bondex cross-九游会棋牌

the groundbreaking ceremony of bondex cross-border supply chain integrated service base was successfully held
publish time:2021/6/17 16:28:56

at 9:17 on june 17, 2021, in the jiaodong airport economic demonstration zone in jiaozhou, qingdao, bondex solemnly held a groundbreaking ceremony for the “bondex cross-border supply chain integrated service base”. the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by officials of the group, managers in charge of businesses in qingdao, representatives of the “eagle project” trainees of bondex business school, as well as over 70 guests and colleagues from project contractors, supervisors, and agent construction units. together with the attendees, mr. tang lay the foundation for the bondex qingdao base project.

at the groundbreaking ceremony, mr. tang hai, chairman of bondex supply chain management co., ltd., delivered an impassioned speech. mr. tang said that the successful listing of bondex on the shanghai stock exchange on may 26 is an important milestone in the company’s history. bondex cross-border supply chain integrated service base, as a listed fund-raising project, plays a very important role. this project plans to build a “bondex cross-border supply chain comprehensive service base” in the jiaodong airport economic demonstration zone. the project will include two main buildings, namely the “semiconductor non-precision equipment/component bonded storage center (building a)” and the “semiconductor precision equipment/component bonded maintenance and storage center (building b)”. by then, as a demonstration base for the joint development of advanced manufacturing and high-end logistics, bondex qingdao will help the company continue to promote the “lean supply chain full-process management” service model, expand its market influence in pan-semiconductor and other industries. bondex qingdao will be a pillar for bondex’s digital transformation and the creation of one-stop smart supply chain logistics service products. it will also become an infrastructure guarantee for bondex to serve domestic and international circulations and ensure the stability of industry supply chains for customers.

bondex qingdao is close to the airport and is a modern supply chain warehousing base. after it is put into use at the end of the year, it will greatly meet the air cargo throughput demand of jiaodong international airport, and has a significant location advantage as an air cargo hub in northeast asia. it will become a brilliant business card, adding new strength to the integrated services of the cross-border supply chain.