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keeping in mind the original aspiration, set sail on a new journey
publish time:2021/10/15 16:33:52

on october 15, the “keeping in mind the original aspiration, set sail on a new journey—bondex group strategy conference” was held in jiaxing, zhejiang. more than 100 managers from all regions and units of the group attended the event, while about 400 core colleagues participated in the launch via live online broadcast.

at the press conference, chairman tang hai delivered an important speech. he said: in the face of the great changes of the times and the rise of china, the importance of the supply chain is becoming increasingly prominent. we must bear in mind our original aspiration of “keeping up with the pace of the times, helping chinese manufacturers to go global.” today, at the new development stage of the group, we will increase investment in technology, with the mission of “technology drives the supply chain to create greater value”, and the vision of “becoming china’s leading supply chain logistics service provider”, we will strive to provide customers with supply chains that are more efficient, agile and transparent, helping china’s manufacturers go global.

subsequently, the group’s strategic planning partner, boston consulting group, gave a detailed report on the overall five-year strategic plan, and the person in charge of each special strategic plan also made a report on the five-year strategic plan for the implementation and deployment of each special topic.

at the meeting, the directors fully affirmed the importance of this conference and put forward new expectations and requirements for the company’s future development: seize opportunities, continue to innovate, and continue to create value for customers. ensure the implementation of the strategy through strategic management, budget management, performance management and other measures.

in his concluding speech, mr. tang stated again that this strategic planning project allows us to understand the practices of advanced companies in the industry, and also allows us to reconsider and summarize our own ways and reach consensus. it is hoped that through the implementation of the strategic plan, the company can develop in a healthy, rapid and successful manner, and every employee can grow on the company’s platform and realize their own values.

the event was specially held in jiaxing, the birthplace of the communist party of china. after the meeting, all the colleagues visited the nanhu red boat and the nanhu revolution memorial hall. by learning the “red boat spirit”, they strengthened their faith and indomitable sense of mission, and strengthened their understanding of the customer-oriented, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit. all colleagues of bondex will take this strategic press conference as an opportunity, not forget the original aspiration, keep in mind the mission, and continue to work hard, leave a rich chapter in the group’s strategic blueprint, and make bondex a leading supply chain logistics service provider in china as soon as possible.