expo logistics bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

expo logistics

to satisfy individual needs of exhibitors domestically and overseas; we provide temporary import and export, customs clearance, ata, professional packaging, warehouse to stand and other exhibition logistics program with a high demand for accuracy, security, and time sensitivity.

product range

  • domestic large-scale exhibitions transport
  • international exhibition transport
  • sports event logistics
  • performance event logistics
  • large-scale activities and artwork logistics

service cases

  • 2008 olympic game sailing regatta
  • volvo ocean race
  • youth sailing world championships 2017
  • world expo 2010 shanghai
  • international horticultural expo 2014 qingdao
  • china import and export commodities fair (canton fair)
  • china-asean expo
  • heimtextil-international trade fair
  • national hardware show
  • design build
  • rainbow over the silk road show 2017