autumn wind starts, bondex business school opened 海程邦达供应链管理股份有限公司-九游会棋牌

autumn wind starts, bondex business school opened
发布时间:2015/9/19 0:00:00

on september 19th, the clouds were pale and a light wind was blowing, the weather was becoming moderately cool, and bondex business college opened in the autumn breeze!

bondex’s outlook on talents is "people first, focus on talents and developing talents". in 2015, the company set up a series of "eyas program", "lannerets program" and "eagles program" on basis of strategic talent cultivation system. let’s take a close look at what is the meaning of three eagles programs.

eyas program:in order to develop self-motivated, willing to learn, positive enterprising new employees with 3 years of working experience in the company or less, make them gradually grow up into backbones of the departments.

lannerets program:in order to develop company’s potential meddle-level managers, make them gradually grow up into inter-disciplinary talents that can carry out the work by themselves.

eagles program:in order to develop company’s middle-level and senior managers, make them gradually grow up into comprehensive talents, and making preparation for the company's long-term strategic goals.

hence, through a series of selections and contest papers reviewed by several judges, the first pilot class of 42 lannerets program students comes into being. in the school’s opening ceremony, after a leadership’s speech, students’ oath, flag issuing, senior students’ expectations, student representatives’ speech and many other activities, the first course of lannerets program students started their studying plan happily.

having graduated from mba class, our senior student ms. yanling said: "although i have written my struggling history with all my youth, i still think my luck is better than my ability." monitor xiao-ting wang said: "human life that educated for once and for all has ended, we should consider ourselves as a high effective accumulator battery, only uninterrupted, continuous charging can make ourselves release the uninterrupted, continuous energy."student representative ms. hui zhou said: "after attending the classes in lannerets program, i started to love jogging. running is likely to be addicted. sometimes i am fighting against myself. every time you are reaching your critical points you find it is difficult to continue, but if you can persist a little bit, you can overcome yourself and go on. each step of the way behind you does not deceive. physical exercise trains your willpower, your strength and your confidence."

we hereby wish bondex business college will achieve more progress in the near future!

we hereby wish the students in the program will spread the wings and fly high for our common bondex dream!