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"ear sales - consultant sales ability to enhance" training exchange
发布时间:2015/9/16 0:00:00

the training seminar entitled "sales with ear - consultant sales capability improvement" was successfully completed in qingdao from september 12 to september 13, 2015. the company specially invited to shanghai jing yue marketing expert professor li kai made a special trip for you to teach, from all departments of the company, all branches of a total of more than 40 colleagues attended the training.

to customer needs as a starting point, from a professional point of view and customer interests perspective to provide professional advice and solutions and value-added services, while consultative marketing customers to establish a product or service brand provider's feelings and loyalty to achieve long-term stability cooperation. training around consultant sales tools, sales consultants sales skills and personal capacity development and other content, into real cases, the use of role-playing, group exercises, repeated demonstration and other methods to guide you, how to communicate with customers through the "prosecution and color vision" to be flexible use a variety of sales skills to solve all kinds of problems in the work. through li's on-site instruction, the trainees found an effective solution to the various incurable diseases in the sales process. this kind of interactive scenario teaching mode stimulated students' subjective initiative, and everyone spoke enthusiastically and the atmosphere in the classroom was warm.

in order to make everyone better practice in theory, master business knowledge, and deepen their understanding of the company's products, this training exchange was also invited to the shipping center and air transport center experts to conduct business exchange and sharing, do related products the introduction to explain profound theories in simple language, so that everyone's marketing ideas clearer, more clearly the company's product advantages, a clear future market development.

the training exchange meeting, highlighting the practicality, analytical and operational, will help sales teams to expand their thinking, change marketing ideas, improve marketing skills. at the end of the seminar, all the students said that they have benefited greatly. after returning to their positions, they tried their best to apply what they have learned to work and apply what they learned. i believe they will do a better job in future work.