“unite you and me together to win our future”-九游会棋牌

“unite you and me together to win our future”-----bondex 2015 outward bound development training
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in the beautiful autumn day of october, fifty-one fully equipped colleagues of the company went to the outward bound expanding base where they turned into a group of warriors to attempt a series of challenges in their weekend’s leisure time.

bondex 2015 outward development training was themed as "unite you and me together to win our future". the program started in the night of our first day’s arrival. in order to exercise everyone's sense of competition and cooperation, all staffs were divided into four groups, after the captain election, team name selection, team pennant painting, singing team song, team fashion presentation and a series of activities, gradually the strangeness between colleagues were broken and a preliminary teamwork relationship was established between the participants.

in the second morning, all the sleepiness of the participants was driven away in the morning exercises before the breakfast. all the staffs were in high spirits and full of energy, and hereby they have started to challenge themselves. there were seven activities during the one and half days’ training programs, which including "back suplex", "jigsaw puzzle", "innovative box", "balloon bursting", "energy circle", "sky ladder" and "graduation wall." these programs were focused on the theme of the training, and have fully tested the participating members’ self-challenge, team communication and many other abilities such as teamwork and cooperation.

in the program of “jigsaw puzzle”, three or four players were assigned into one team, and each team was about one arm’s distance away. each team was given a set of tangram and some task cards. they were ordered to form the patterns as shown in the task cards. how to achieve the maximum benefit and how to integrate resources has become a major concern for everyone. in order to score, every player started to try their best to form the tangram patterns as soon as receiving the starting order from the trainer. someone started to contemplate silently, someone started to command the other members of the team, someone were eager to accomplish the task, and thereafter you could hear the shouting and quarrelling all around… but in just a few minutes’ time, we began to get out of the mess, and selected a team leader to form the shape. in the experience sharing session, training teacher told everyone to try bravely, there were no need to be afraid of making mistakes, we could look for the patterns in the course of puzzle solving, and perhaps there would be a conflict between overall interests and partial interests, where a good leadership was required. to assign tasks, to play a leading role, to read mission requirements carefully were the key points to win. as a business simulation program, in order to complete the task and win, team members must learn to select priorities of resource processing, learn to compromise and learn to achieve the overall resource optimization. after hearing these words, the students made the comments that the contest was fantastic and they have benefited a lot from the game.

always the high difficult challenge comes at last. in the afternoon, the breathtaking "sky ladder" has tested everyone's mental capacity. the high ladder verified bondex peoples’ courage and confidence. in this moment, we were encouraging each other, we were cheering up together for the challengers to help them to climb the ladder successfully. it was a challenge to overwhelm the difficulties and cowardice. in the challenge, each team member was helping each other, hand in hand and heart to heart; we were marching forward under the same faith and same goal. it was because of you, we could moving upward and go on until the end.

after the dinner, a wonderful bonfire party was held. the scenes of brilliant performance had given us an unforgettable good night. especially the birthday cake, it has moved the atmosphere to a climax. singing birthday song together, blowing out the candles together and making wishes together, it has touched the most tender parts of everyone’s heart. it was the most memorable night we spent in the training. happiness and touching emotion were fulfilled on everyone’s face.

in the first game of the next day –"balloon bursting", it has given us a big problem. leading group conducted the attempt according to the sketch at hand, executing group connected the three-meter-long tubes in accordance with the orders received from the leading team and they worked together to blow the balloon. throughout the entire game, the group communication between the leading group and executing group has become the most critical part. in the limited time, our logical communication skills and well-regulated actions have revealed our superexcellent tacit understanding.

the last game was "graduation wall"; it was required to climb a four-meter high escape wall by teamwork and without any external force. through studying and discussion by the entire team, we decided to make a pyramid by manpower and sent up several male players with good physical power, and then we pushed up the other team members one by one. the colleagues who worked as foundations used their shoulders as ladders to stepped on, you could see the sweat and sandy soil on their clothes, and you could also see the blood stains on their shoulders. it was their dedication and efforts; we have gained the team’s success. as the company's development, we require generals and backbone’s strategizing and planning, and also need the hard work of so many ordinary employees. it is their willing spirit, which has laid the real cornerstone of success, and has hold up the hope of our career.

trust is the cornerstone, communication is the bridge, mutual aid is the safeguard, and perseverance is the pillar. through all the challenges and running in period, our colleagues also have become more and more striving and have a better mutual tacit understanding.

outward bound training has not only brought us joy and excitement, but also the friendship and reliance, the more important thing was to let us appreciate the courage to conquer difficulties and challenges, to undertake the responsibility in teamwork, and courage to admit failure in a positive manner.

we all know that we'll become better and better!