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new force, a new leap forward, bondex welcome you! --2016 new staff training camp
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in may 2016, in the early summer of xiaoyang, 35 new employees with dreams joined the bondex family and shared a common identity - bondex. in order to give new employees a more complete familiarity with the industry and the group situation and realize the transition from "campus people" to "bangda people" as soon as possible, the human resources department of the group transportation management center takes the lead in coordinating all forces and concentrating on a three-day new staff induction training. the training is divided into three parts: "integration, promotion and prospect". these young people full of vigor and vitality will set sail from the new staff training camp.

mr. tang hai, the president of the group, encouraged everyone on the first day of training camp: "look for the target, keep going, there will be gains"; "you must have confidence in yourself, dare to fight hard and believe in the strength of the team"; "the company hopes to build such a platform: to allow colleagues to achieve personal value here. "in the president's dialogue, students enthusiastically asked questions, tang total of new employees have put their heart to heart talks, so that everyone's understanding of the company more in-depth. ms. zhang xiaoyan, vice president of the group, delivered a speech on "hai bang banda's strategy, culture and talent development" to lead the new employees to review and forecast the past, present and future of the company and send a message to her new colleagues: in addition, zhao bei, gong zhaozhao, li dongdong three old employees to share their own growth experience and experience, provided for the growth of new employees useful reference, to help you better understand themselves and do a good career planning.

in order to allow new employees to quickly understand the company, understand the business and enhance their capabilities in three days, the company invited excellent internal lecturer team to teach the professional knowledge and common ability promotion for everyone. in the following, let's take a look at the lectures teacher brings wonderful content.
wang junying of the shipping center brought us a share of "shipping business" and passed a photo document of zhang haiyun's business. it seemed as if the students were led to the operation site of the port so that everyone could understand each aspect of the shipping business more clearly. wang xiaoting brought the "air transport business" to share and explained the basics of import and export. he not only shared the success stories of air transport events and living animal transport, but also exchanged the interactive experiences with his classmates to answer the questions of graduation season various problems; bangda logistics li hengliang bring "domestic logistics business" to share, for everyone to demonstrate the internet thinking of the domestic logistics information technology, our own research and development app lets students an eye-opener; customs center wang jiajun brings you the "customs business" sharing, he organized clear, talked about, through question and answer interaction, so that we understand more clearly customs knowledge; shandong district, fu chuan for everyone to bring "sales skills" course, from the "structure sales "layers of decomposition, in-do-out, parking, spin and other principles and ideas in the wonderful teacher fu case, one by one presented in front of the students, his deep sales skills, wit humorous teaching style, layers of analysis, punchline, from the first minute of the course, with the logical power of thinking firmly to attract students of the attention; ma brought "learning growth and career planning" course, through the holland test to enable new employees to better understand themselves and make a good positioning to help you clear the direction of career development; operation management center wang beibei band the "bangda story" comes from four different perspectives and reviews the story of the company's development in the course of twenty-two years. lecturers are rich in content and diverse in form. with the introduction of theoretical knowledge and specific cases, the lecturers conduct further analysis and explanation, explaining profound theories in simple language and explaining the details of each business sector and the knowledge and skills they should possess.

in the "my bondex dream" session, the new employees actively participated, took the floor and made speeches. after a group discussion, imagine banda five years later, the content is brilliant: five years later, our outlets are all over the world, with perfect informationization operating platform, with its own boat and aircraft, a logistics industry giants, each employee happy work, happy life, the stock market soared all the way to become the industry's top one ...... we give full play to the imagination, outline the dream. i believe they will surely work side by side with their youth and passion, wisdom and sweat, their ideals and beliefs and realize the dream of "bondex" in the future!

the new staff training camp was tense and fulfilling. after three days of getting along, the new colleagues gained friendship as they learned about industry trends, company status and business knowledge. after the training, trainees of the trainees said that they had experienced a profound training and deeply realized their responsibility and mission as a new generation of bangda people. the three days are short and the road ahead is still long. we hope that the new employees can apply what they have learned, seen and felt to their own work to make the new positions as early as possible and do a better job in their positions.