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eagle i, leading the way - bondex business school "eagle i" graduates successfully
发布时间:2016/10/22 0:00:00
on the afternoon of october 22, 2016, bondex business school "eagle i" graduation ceremony held as scheduled. leaders of the group president office, the general manager of the departmental branch, mentors and faculty members of bondex business school, graduates of "eagle i" and students of "i flying eagle i" attended the graduation ceremony. "eagle i i" students in leadership, teachers and students witness, graduated successfully.

graduation ceremony in solemn national anthem began. subsequently, all participants witnessed a well-prepared retrospective of "eagle i" trainees. 13 classes, 21 classes and class activities, 41 training sessions, 12,600 thanksgiving diary, 22,680 km trainee running ... a group of numbers not only represents the "eagle i" students pay and harvest more than a year , together with everyone, shared memorable memories of the past year.
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mr. tang first made a speech and congratulated all the students on their successful completion of their studies. tang students summed up the unforgettable moments in the past year and looked forward to the company's next development plan and hoped that the students of "eagle  i" would continue their unswerving efforts in their future work and firmly believe ; continue to accumulate experience and lessons, continue learning; break the bottleneck, dare to innovate, achievements of better ourselves, for the development of enterprises into a stronger impetus.

zeng lijie, as a "eagle i" student representative, delivered a speech and shared his learning experience and insights over the past year. he also thanked the company for his strong support for the "eagle i project." he also thanked bondex business school for developing her ability to think independently. pioneering spirit. at the same time, she also promised her graduates on behalf of the company: they must apply what they have learned in their work, apply their knowledge and make more contributions to realizing the dream of "a hundred years of bondex"!
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accompanied by a solemn and solemn music, "eagle i" trainees stage on stage to accept earners. through a year of hard work and hard work, we all gather here to share what we have learned. spinning ceremony is pinned on the bondex business school of students' blessing and look forward to!

the atmosphere of the graduation ceremony culminated in the song "i believe" of all the student chorus. finally, the graduation ceremony came to an end in a round of applause, cheers and reluctance.