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professional, from a solid internal strength
发布时间:2015/7/20 0:00:00

in order to enable the sales team to enhance sales ability, understand and master business knowledge better, deepen the understanding of the company's products and promote interaction, the marketing center and the operation and management center will conduct research and analysis on sales 2015 plan: from may to july, self-learning will be conducted using the "learning center" platform on the company's website; from march to december every wednesday at the maritime center, which will be launched in the afternoon. it will integrate the "bangda learning" marketing comprehensive ability training special training.

in order to consolidate the first phase of learning and create a positive learning atmosphere, the marketing center joint marine center and transportation management center conducted a knowledge contest in jinan on july 16, 2015, focusing on the sales branch in the province. after the preliminary discussion and planning, the contest set up the three parts: the answer, the answer and the team combat; the scene is divided into three teams, each team through intense discussion in a minute to determine the captain, team name and slogan; on the big screen a problem has not yet jumped out, "sea brighter team", "can hong", "red sun team" team of three players already has high morale, full of confidence. each team member listened attentively, calmly thought, calmly answered. rush answer is one of the most exciting part of the game, the answer to points, answer the wrong points, risk and opportunity co-exist, the team members are holding their feet, eager to catch up with you, a quick response, a stadium atmosphere reached a climax. as the game progressed, the scores of the teams rose alternately, applause, laughter, regretful sound one after another. group xu, hui center for shipping, wang jun camp, marketing center chen lun just right in the game to give a professional answer and comments. the whole race is really intense tension, exciting! after intense competition, "sky-wide sky team" and "red sun team" eventually tied for the first place, "can hong" only a tenth of the best placed second place.

after the competition, mr. xu fully affirmed the learning achievements of the first phase and the event, and pointed out that various forms of learning resources and training activities such as the company's website platform, air classrooms and knowledge contests have created good conditions for everyone learning environment, stimulating the enthusiasm of sales learning; meanwhile, i hope everyone will consider the contest as a consolidated study of maritime and air transport business knowledge, internal strength, become a professional bondex people.