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shipping import and export declarations business training
发布时间:2014/4/28 0:00:00

on the morning of april 12, 2014, the company organized the training on "import and export declaration of maritime transport" in the conference room on the 18th floor. this training invited mr. liu jianzhu, manager of clearance department of customs brokerage department, and new colleagues and client company employees from all departments of the company and shandong foreign trade vocational college students a total of 45 people attended the training.

the trainees of this trainee mainly take the new colleague of every department that joins the company for six months as the main part. liu jian separately analyzes the basic composition of customs declaration, the basic flow of customs declaration business, the analysis of the basic process, the relevant documents, the filling of norms, the information inquiry and declaration and the expenses do accounts and confirm the import and export declarations and other aspects of the business for everyone to explain in detail.

during the training, everyone listened while learning. through this training, we have further understanding and understanding of the business process and basic knowledge of import and export declarations, which also laid a good foundation for the smoother convergence and cooperation in the related links in the future work.

thank you general manager wang jiajun declaration of the strong support for this training, thanks to manager liu carefully prepared and wonderful!