youth does not scatter, the eagle i phase · we are together-九游会棋牌

youth does not scatter, the eagle i phase · we are together- bondex business school the one-year anniversary of the graduation
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time flies, an instant "eagles i" has graduated for a year, get together, share the same, a total of growth. october 14-16, 2017 students gathered in qingdao and held a two-day extension training. they experienced different experiences during the challenge and did different harvests. they filled with fullness and sustenance in the laughter.

outreach training kicked off on the night of the 14th icebreaker. in order to help everyone integrate into the training as soon as possible, the trainees are divided into four groups. after a series of activities such as selecting the captain, starting a team name, drawing a team flag, singing a team song and displaying style, four brand new teams were born! they are: blade seven, big dipper, five elements, big lions, all of them are gearing up for a try and are ready to make outstanding achievements in the next two days of training.

first, the goal-oriented, test team effective communication and collaboration capabilities
at 8:00 on the 15th, in the beautiful scenic area of erlongshan, we started the training on the orientation task in the morning and carried out pk in four groups. during the mountaineering, we need to complete the three tasks of expansion within the stipulated time. the first task, "breathing strength", consisted of two leading group members commanding the target drawings in hand. the other members formed an enforcement team, stitching the pipe at a distance of 3 meters to the building shown on the drawing according to the directions of the leading group, we work together to blow the balloon burst. throughout the entire process, the communication between the leading group and the executive group became the key. in an urgent time, everyone showed a good understanding of clear communication and orderly actions. the second task "mainstay", how to use a nail propped up the other 12 nails? this makes everyone feel very surprised. students need to brainstorm, breaking the traditional thinking. eventually, in the process of continuous trial and error found the right way, the students use the balance point of the nail, change the fixed angle of the nail, completed the challenge task. learn to empathy, to break the conventional mode of thinking, seemingly impossible things will be a miracle! through morning training, experience different modes of communication, so that we can further understand the importance of division of labor cooperation, training a high degree of tacit executive ability, experience the strength of team work together.

second, improve systemic thinking, effective division of labor, cooperation and win
in the "harvest season" project, a fishing village was simulated and three students were grouped into three groups. the captain, chief officer and sailor were selected respectively. the instructor was the village chief. the complex aspect of this project is that students have to think about their own fishing plans and can only succeed if they consider fishing plans in the village. capture the largest group of fish boats, you can get the "fisher king" title. this project is to simulate the reality of the business operations, in a highly competitive business model, so that students a deeper understanding of the correct business principles, reasonable allocation of resources in order to eventually achieve a win-win situation. the "double decoding" project, very exciting, time is only 60 seconds, students must correctly remember the anti-buckle on the desktop 26 poker cards, and in accordance with the corresponding order out. seemingly simple project, so that all team members fully understand the team, processes, standards, implementation, responsibilities, emergency measures and other key meaning. "offensive and defensive war" is a physical exertion of the largest project, through the fierce battle between both parties, so that everyone feel the thrill of running the sprint, in the offensive and defensive contest, smelting team cohesion. at the same time, it also brings enlightenment to everyone: as a manager, it is necessary for managers to understand deeply the strategic planning of the company, learn systematic thinking and focus on the overall and long-term observation, thinking and handling of problems.

third, share growth, work together to create a better future
during the training period, the students of elite eagle held the first anniversary of graduation. the strong feelings of teachers and students and their classmates filled the hall of the hall and reverberated. the joy of reunion filled everybody's face. at the party, zhang zong, mr. ma, dorm supervisor, mr. li geng and mr. geng were invited to participate in the activity. the mentors made new demands on the students through the strategy, mission, dedication, growth and future. high hopes. hope that the eagles students, in their respective positions can grow into a unique backbone, shouldering bond mission, willing to sacrifice, grow together and achieve better results! we all gathered together, recalled the friendship in the laughter, laughter talk about the future.

gathering time is always short, but the eagles fellow students love is long-term. may we continue to work together forward, build dream bangda, youth is not dispersed, "eagle i", we are together!