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broaden marketing ideas and improve sales skills
发布时间:2018/4/23 0:00:00

if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools.

in order to enable colleagues to improve marketing strategies and sales skills, the company organized sales training in qingdao on april 21, 2018, with the theme of "4pl sales methodology" and "structured sales skills". the learning atmosphere on the spot was very enthusiastic. colleagues spoke enthusiastically, exchanged various problems encountered in the work with the teachers, jointly developed marketing promotion plans, and constantly refined sales methods.

4pl sales not only provide management services for customers' logistics activities, but also provide logistics operation services with professional it technology and logistics consulting power. through the problem of customer operation system, analyze the customer's logistics environment and strength, and derive problems and fundamentals. the reason is to provide a solution that improves direction and detail. through case sharing, everyone systematically analyzes the problems of their own sales, develops improvement measures and corresponding plans. the improvement plan team was assigned on site, and the superior products and features of each business segment were summarized and the new sales visit introduction materials were produced. by improving the marketing efficiency program, let everyone learn the correct quantitative evaluation method of sales performance, laying the foundation for the later sales management.

in the afternoon, the "structural consultant sales" course will provide you with a complete sales chain, which is divided into four stages: contact stage, information stage, lobbying stage and agreement. each stage has key points and sales of target management. strategy. through effective reference to the ppp, fab and spin sales methods, we understand that we can not only explain the services and products that the company can provide from the standpoint of sales, but should clearly define the needs and expectations of customers and understand the interests of customers. point, through the above sales methods, continue to promote the marketing process, and ultimately achieve the purpose of the transaction. in particular, when disagreeing with customers, do not stand on the opposite side of the customer, take "love" first, pay attention to the challenges raised by customers, actively seek ways to solve customer concerns, and help customers realize value, in order to truly win the trust of customers.

joe gillard, the world's greatest salesman, said: "the success of sales is 99% diligence and 1% luck." the famous salesman yuan yiping also said: "the success of sales is 99% of the effort. 1% of the tips." any success is costly, and we need to make more efforts and actions to improve our eq and tq. grow in learning, improve in challenges, and wish everyone to create better results!